A Simple Comparison: WordPress Block Editor vs Elementor

WordPress, a very popular website builder, comes with different editors that you can use to create your website. Today, we’ll talk about two of these: the WordPress Block Editor (also known as Gutenberg) and Elementor.

What is the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)?

Gutenberg is the basic editor that comes with WordPress. It uses a simple system of ‘blocks’ that you can drag and drop to build your website. Blocks can be anything like text, images, or headings. It’s like using building blocks to create your site.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a separate tool that you can add to WordPress. It offers many more features than Gutenberg, helping you design your site in more detail. It’s easy to use and perfect for both beginners and expert website designers.

A Simple Comparison

Ease of Use

Gutenberg and Elementor both allow you to build your site by dragging and dropping blocks. Elementor is a little easier to use for beginners, though, because of its simple design and pre-made templates.

Design Options

Gutenberg offers a decent range of design options, but Elementor goes further. With Elementor, you get a huge range of design tools and templates, which helps if you want to create a unique, professional-looking site.


Websites built with Gutenberg often load faster than those built with Elementor, because it’s a simpler tool with fewer features. This means your site visitors can start browsing your site quicker.


Gutenberg is free – it comes with WordPress. Elementor has a free version but also a paid version that gives you more features. If you’re on a budget, Gutenberg is a great choice.

Working with Other Tools

Gutenberg is more likely to work well with other WordPress tools and add-ons because it’s built into WordPress. Elementor is a separate tool, so it might not work as smoothly with some WordPress features.

Help and Support

Elementor offers premium support if you pay for the pro version. For Gutenberg, you can get help from the wider WordPress community and online forums.


Both Gutenberg and Elementor have good points. If you want a simple, fast, and free tool, Gutenberg could be for you. If you want more design options and are happy to pay for them, Elementor is a great choice.

But, the best tool for you really depends on what you need. Remember, both tools are always improving and changing, which makes designing websites with WordPress a very exciting prospect.


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