My WordCamp Journey

Over the past 10 years, my journey with WordCamps has been truly exhilarating. As a dedicated WordPress Developer, I have passionately worked on developing plugins, themes, and customizing existing ones, making each WordCamp a valuable experience for me. Here’s a glimpse into my WordCamp journey:

  1. WordCamp Udaipur – 2017
  2. WordCamp Mumbai – 2017
  3. WordCamp Ahmedabad – 2018
  4. WordCamp Vadodara – 2019
  5. WordCamp Mumbai – 2019
  6. WordCamp Udaipur – 2019
  7. WordCamp Ahmedabad – 2019 (I volunteered and sponsored as an individual).
  8. WordCamp Asia – 2020 (I volunteered at WordCamp Asia)
  9. WordCamp Santa Clarita – 2020
  10. WordCamp Europe – 2020
  11. WordCamp India – 2021
  12. WordCamp Europe – 2022 (Volunteer)
  13. WordCamp Asia – 2023 (Volunteer)
  14. WordCamp Kerala – 2023
  15. WordCamp Europe – 2023 (Volunteer)
  16. WordCamp Bengaluru – 2023
  17. WordCamp US – 2023

Each WordCamp I attended allowed me to connect with like-minded professionals, learn from industry experts, and share my own knowledge and experiences. The diversity of locations and communities enriched my understanding of WordPress and its global impact.

As a volunteer, I had the opportunity to contribute my skills and passion to the WordCamp Asia and WordCamp Europe events, further deepening my involvement within the WordPress community. These experiences not only expanded my network but also provided me with invaluable insights and inspiration.

Looking ahead, I eagerly anticipate future WordCamps, eager to immerse myself in the latest trends, developments, and collaborations within the WordPress ecosystem. I am grateful for the opportunities WordCamps have provided me on my journey as a WordPress Developer, and I look forward to continuing my growth and contribution to this vibrant community.

Here is a glimpse of WordCamp Asia 2023.

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